Transitional Housing

The Transitional Housing/Shared Spaces Apartment Program has 21 studio apartments, available for men or women, located on the third and fourth floors of our facility. We provide a residential setting with intensive Case Management, support and encouragement. Each apartment has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area.

Applicants for this Program must meet strict guidelines prior to residency, including a criminal background check. The Evansville Housing Authority supplements the low income residents’ rent through Section 8 funding.

The Program participants work closely with the Transitional Housing Case Manager to set goals and develop an Action Plan that will allow them to achieve those goals.  While each individual has a unique Action Plan, we also offer general classes such as Personal Finance and Budgeting, Basic Computer Skills, Healthy Cooking on a Budget, and others that all Program participants are required to attend. We also provide access to counseling and classes that address relational issues, coping skills, assertiveness, anger management,  substance abuse, stress management and spirituality/meditation.

Our Transitional Housing Case Manager ensures that our Program participants have the tools, techniques and disciplines that they need to renew life sustaining personal relationships, be successful in obtaining and keeping gainful, full-time employment and securing permanent housing, in a maximum time frame of two years.
36 Individuals
participated in the Program
11 Individuals
moved into permanent housing and independent living
  • Transitional Housing Resident
  • Transitional Housing Apartment

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