Night Shelter

United Caring Services' Men's Emergency Night Shelter provides a safe and secure overnight haven for homeless men from 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. There are bunk beds in a dorm-type atmosphere. Every guest is required to shower at night. We have a curfew of 10pm and a wake up service for those who need to get to work on time in the morning.  Personal belongings are limited to one bag on the bunk and a 40 gallon plastic tote for each man.  These belongings are secure during the day when the Night Shelter is closed.  Each guest is breathalyzed nightly upon entry; we have zero tolerance for alcohol use and/or illegal drug use.

The Night Shelter is full nearly every night of the year. All of the men in the Night Shelter have work details that they are responsible for completing; cleaning the Night Shelter and the bathrooms every morning, washing sheets and towels in the evening, cleaning the Kitchen and washing dishes after each meal and cleaning the Day Shelter after closing each day.

We strongly encourage our guests to stay for 180 days or less. We provide some Case Management support for the men in the Night Shelter, in addition to the support they receive elsewhere, so they have the possibilities and encouragement they need to get employed, housed, and back on their feet.

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402 Individuals
had a safe, clean place to sleep for the night in 2015
18,400 Showers
were provided for those without a home in 2015
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