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For Media and Communications, please call Lisa Smith at 812-422-0297.
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Summary of United Caring Services

United Caring Services is committed to creating a community of caring that will break the cycle of poverty and homelessness through championing those that are marginalized, empowering them to lead hopeful and productive lives.
Founded in 1991, United Caring Services, located in downtown Evansville, offers a variety of programs such as a day shelter, night shelter, women’s shelter, and transitional housing.

References and Logos

Use of Name: Our official name is "the United Caring Shelters, Inc dba United Caring Services" although most commonly referenced as "United Caring Services".On second mention, the name can be abbreviated to "UCS".

Logos: Our offical logo is available for download as a hi-res jpg. Please refer to our Design Standards Manual for proper usage.
Official Logo:
UCS Logo
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Offical Mission Statement and History:
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