Homeless Medical Respite

The UCS Homeless Medical Respite Program provides temporary housing for homeless men needing healing, recovery and hope.

The Medical Respite Program is available for up to six weeks, but may be extended based upon individual needs and circumstances. The persons admitted to the Program will have a discharge plan, case management with the Respite Coordinator and during the stay will have contact with their personal healthcare provider, regular visits from the ECHO Outreach Team, and health assessment and education from USI nursing students.

UCS provides a safe, sanitary bed and environment, secure medication storage, non-medical supervision, security, cooked meals and full bathroom facilities 24hrs/day/7 days/ week.

The program provides wrap around support to address the homeless status of each individual. The goal of this program is to reduce recidivism and facilitate healing, recovery and hope while seeking to stabilize a person's living situation positioning them for healthier living.

Admission Criteria (as of November 2014):
  • Subject to all rules of the shelter
  • Currently a homeless adult male, age 16 and over
  • Needs respite services but has no other option for obtaining them
  • Will be suffering from a medical problem that would benefit from respite care environment
  • Must have medical condition that can effectively be addressed within 6 weeks
  • Will be independent in Activities of Daily Living (can move around independently, go to the bathroom without assistance, and feed self)
  • Will be continent (able to control bodily functions); independently cares for ostomy if applicable
  • Will be medically stable (their condition is not declining rapidly)
  • Will be willing to see a medical professional as scheduled and comply with medical recommendations
  • Will be behaviorally appropriate for group setting ( not suicidal or likely to assault others)
  • May have IV access
  • Will not have a contagious disease or need isolation
  • Capable of taking his own medications
  • Must comply with daily hygiene
  • Must have a discharge plan including a projected date of discharge from the Homeless Medical Respite Program and personal goals to achieve. Must be discharged from a hospital/medical facility and go directly into United Caring Services HMRP.

For additional information contact: Chelsea Willis, HMRP Coordinator 812-319-3882 chelsea@unitedcaringservices.org

Men's HMRP is partially funded by Deaconess and St. Mary's.

UCS hopes to expand its HMRP services to women in 2016 and is seeking additional funding partners.

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